Saturday, July 07, 2007

a marathon of meet-ups!

Uni-buddies..How would I survive uni without you guys? Present from them : red Guess purse. super chic.

Bdae dinner treat from rayray at orchidville.

Nice ambience with vines, pots of green and little artificial ponds. Its ideal for a unique ROM party. Kinda like those we see in sappy romance movies where the ang mohs hold their wedding party. But this is indoors and airconditioned. Perfect for our local weather eh?

I found the chinese cutlery abit off though..

Delectable, crisp KnUckLeDUstEr and pork ribs. I'm not a pork lover but they were really good lor. juicy. oily. sinful. the noodles were so tangy and the ribs were soft. tsssss im hungy!!

Present from mummy : digicam and a pair of pumps

rush rush to zouk. tryin to get me drunk? hmph mei na me rong yi!!
Pretty genes. haha it runs in the family~Presents from them: redPacket, bebe top and a penguin water dispenser. 1 present missing and im still waiting........

dinner at newyorknewyork. long queue as usual. we weren't given seats until most of us were present. i understand la but still..NOT acceptable

DXO on fridays = free drinks + free mixed nuts + comfy chair

Presents from them: dinner treat! & a cute office mug

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