Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i get annoyed so easily nowadays. liu will know what i mean. so dont try to joke with me, tease me or irritate me cuz i'll get annoyed. and then you'll have to pacify me. while pacifying me, you may say smth wrong and i'll get annoyed again. so dont

well, i succeeded in kindly inviting MrMoth out of my room. Mind you its without Baygon or hurling Max's Reader'sDigest at it.

Have been troubled with choosing a handbag to go with my backpack. Finally settled for brown Bally sling bag. Kinda weird but aya, carry 2 bags, no matter what also weird right?

I reallY really want to post the pic from Max's photoshoot here. but she's not supposed to circulate it until its officially up so..ya..anyway, congrats! a very good start to ya portfolio

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