Tuesday, May 08, 2007

clickin on the drop down list on my web browser, i was stunned to find only links such as backpackers.com, hostelbookers.com and tripadviser.com
have been busy planning for this whole trip thing. can't help but feel abit uneasy about going on this self-planned trip. its not like a guided tour where we can entrust every god damn thing to them. i was thankful however, to find that the 2 hotels we have booked in Greece were absolutely scams! thankful because we have time to cancel out booking and source for other accomodation albeit forfeiting 20 over bucks of deposit

according to one of the hotel's reviews:
"...We saw people young and old, male and female taking drugs, injecting and passing out in drug stupours - the call girls are out most of the night shouting and the druggies out all through the day blatantly..."

the other hotel's reviews weren't any better
"...there was only a light bulb hanging in the ceiling as our only light source, the A/C didn't work, the bathroom dirty, the cord to the refrigator was mended with ducktape. Worst was that the bed was broken..."

damn the misleading pictures in hostelbookers and backpackers.com.

optimistically, i take it as a blessing in disguise as we decided to opt for a 5star hotel instead. whee!

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