Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dear Liang,

news update: a Taiwan military jet crushed into camp warehouse in Taiwan, killing two and injuring nine Singapore servicemen there for training. two out of the nine injured have 50-60% burn.

Joi Chua went on SuperSunday and sang the ri chu. yuckie man. but non of the three judges lighted their beacon. comments were that she has gd voice gd techniques but singing style might not suit the younger generation. i was hoping so much that all three light up and chase her off the stage.

Theres this issue abt Man U wanting to go Malaysia to play an exhibition match during the Asia Cup period. Asian Football Federation(AFC) was not happy, worried that Man U might divert attention away from Asia Cup which M'sia happens to be a co-host. And now M'sia PM and Ministers have stepped out to say that they want Man U to be there, to celebrate their 50th year of independence and Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

AFC accused Man U of being 'colonial masters' who travels to Asia to suck supporter's money. And appearance of Man U in Asia during the Asia Cup will take credibity away from the region's most prestigous football competition.

I am against such cross national institutions, in this case AFC and FIFA, also World Bank and Internation Monetary Fund, in giving advice to countries on what should be done and what should be avoided. And always making it seem like their opinions are superior.

I think the Man U tour should go ahead, becuz of the very fact that the M'sia govt wants Man U to be there. i'm not a supporter of M'sia govt but i believe every govt should have their rights to make decisions, not be influenced by powerful worldwide institutions, what's more over such a trivial matter. And not because i'm a Man U supporter that i'm saying this. In the first place I will not spend such silly money to watch a holiday kick-a-bout, and even if its Chelsea or Arsenal going to M'sia I would have suggested the same.

how many people will choose Asia Cup over Man U? Iran versus China? Saudi Arabia versus Bahrain? hmm... although i would gladly choose Tampines Rovers versus Geylang over Arsenal versus Liverpool. but then thats becuz i have an sentimental attachment to the team, if you are not a Saudi Arabian would you be interested in their games? yes there are many Singaporeans who support England, Portugal and Spain. but thats becuz of superstar like Owen, Ronaldo and Torres. or support Brazil and Holland becuz their brand of football. but how many Singaporeans will support the Maldives?

so M'sia govt, pls flex your muscle, and let those 'superior' institutions know that they have to respect a state's sovereignty. and AFC, if consumers want their money to be sucked, evidence by the amount of articles in printed press that they want Man U to be in their home town, then you should jus shut up and focus on your primary task of improving the standard of Asia football, and the standard of refereeing!


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