Friday, April 06, 2007


Lets say the government decide to give in and hold a referendum over the minister payrise issue. What will the options be?

A) Increase Pay by 50%
B) Increase Pay by 30%
C) Increase Pay by 20%

Which will you vote for?

And if you think this is absurd and will not happen, I say to picture a referendum over this issue is unlikely, but if they do, the choices above will not be seen as absurd from the elites' viewpoint.

Just check out the referendum held regarding the merger with Malaysia, all A, B and C are for merger with different conditions. No such things as Choice D or a No.

The reason why many Singaporeans 'do not have a sense of proportion' is because many are just earning enough to get by.

He is tarnishing his reputation as the architect of Singapore faster than how Kimi Raikonnen(my F1 idol) can speed down Esplanade Drive.

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Marissa said...

You write very well.


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