Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eh why you blog so cheem one? Make me seem very dim-witted u know? But then if im really stupid I wouldn’t be where I am today. Ironically, its here that made me feel the stupidest I ever did. All of them around me seem to grasp everything so well. Even though most of them don’t dare to raise their hands in class and cant even write a report without being grossly grammatically wrong. Why do they still do so well in exams?

Grab a couple of people along the corridor who don’t seem all that intelligent and you’d be shocked that the average A level grade is probably AABB. You suddenly realise that you are struggling in the middle of a deep ocean with fantastic swimmers who look like they’ve got weak limbs. While attempting to figure that out, you continue swimming. When you’re finally ashore, you find yourself physically and mentally drained. You look around and find the rest totally unaffected. You continue figuring that out.

you give up and have breakfast at siglap

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christina said...

whahaha!!! i like the way u say it. know how u feel.. poor thing. Good news is, its the last sem so hang on! =D


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