Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I was shocked when I heard from a friend that she wants to "change boyfriend". I quote her, "I want to change boyfriend but I haven't found a new one yet."

Apparently, its for practical reasons like shes gonna graduate soon but the guy just started his course in SIM. So by the time he starts work, she'd be earning much MUCH more than him. "Wo bu yao yang ta." Meaning she doesn't want to support him.

The reason why it came as a shock to me was because they'd been together for 5 yrs. (ya it took her that long to realise)

Anyway, I think its really stupid that you're still with him jus because you have not found a new catch.

No 1: If you have decided that the relationship wont work out, then why waste time and effort on him?

No 2: Its really unfair to the guy. I know it sounds kinda cliche but it really is. I mean imagine that your other half intends to dump you once he or she finds another partner. How would you feel? I would either slap him real hard and kick him in the groin or act cool and pretend that I don't give a damn. Ok but that's besides the point.

No 3: You really think you are gonna find a better guy while being attached? Come on la any good guy wouldn't go after you if he knew you were attached. That's if any guy wants to la. But if he really does, then you wouldn't want him either. Ok maybe u would but I wouldn't.

So, my advice to you is,
drop him and move on you bitch


Cher said...


So practical le her reasons!
SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can!

Anonymous said...

Think it's quite normal nowadays!
Don't comment too early, it might happen to you!


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