Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ms copycat a.k.a. Ms i-wana-get-all-As a.k.a. i-love-to-worry-about-everything just gets on my NERVES. She insists that we wear formal for our group presentation when the tutor already explicitly said that we dont have to. Just because the previous groups did that doesnt mean we have to do that. Do what we need to do and not just what others do. Can she stop being so kiasu? So due to her kiasuism, she will probably graduate with 2nd upper while I dont even know if i can get my 2nd lower. So what??? She doesnt even know what hangman is. Urgh. Majority of us already said we wana go casual so why cant she jus shut up and f off?!? As usual, That One sat on the fence and is Ms Nicey-nice..pukez..I cant wait to graduate

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