Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It was weird having to run around in class. It teleported me back to Primary School. Then we did some brilliant breathing exercises. Our instructor mentioned that those who only studied and did minimal exercises should go and get some. I felt guilty. Simply because I knew that I led an incredibly lazy and hedonistic lifestyle. I snack alot and sleep alot. However, if shopping can be considered as exercise, then well, I exercise quite a bit.

Ive been trying to master the breathing at your back thing that we were told to do. The one where your tummy is supposed to move up and down. And guess what? I cant! I really hope that there is nothing wrong with my respiratory system. I am confused. Is the tummy supposed to move up when you are breathing in or breathing out?

My last lesson of the day was Japanese music studies. For the first time, we got to blow the Shakuhachi- a Japanese bamboo flute. (but ours was made of plastic and we were made to pay 50bucks for it. urgh) Anyway, our Sensei told us to use our diaphragm and to hold a note for 30 seconds! I tried my best to concentrate on my deep breathing and the positioning of my lip. I sat in my most ladylike posture and attempted my first blow into the flute. Nothing came out. The only sound was that of my breath. Imagine a little kid trying to blow a balloon with all his might and the balloon just refuses to expand. Blowing the Shakuhachi was much similar. As I got into the car in dreadfulness of my long journey home, I found myself breathless

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choirboy said...


come on man. when u breathe your tummy is supposed to be inflated. As u use up or release the air then your tummy gotta deflat. trust me. i've been doing that for the past 8 years, okie minus 2 for ns.


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