Thursday, August 24, 2006


Do you know that i have to wake up at 9 tmr morning!? do you know that i have to go to school just for a 2 hour tutorial!? Do yOu know?? huh?! huh? do you know that the time i take to travel to school is way more than my time spent there!?!?! huh? do yoU kNow thAt?!

and DO YOU KNOW that i cant control my shitty shakuhachi which always produces wrong sounds at wrong pitches?

and Do yOU kNOw tHaT the nail glue cant come off my nails!?!?! so i had to file ALL my nails with a nail filer thats supposed to file the edges of your nails and not the top of your nails! so dO U now KnOW THat all my TEN fingernails are naked without that smooth layer on top!?!

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