Tuesday, August 01, 2006

haha.. 66%.. rem after e elections our pm said 66% is a good pass and a strong mandate? well well.. surely nobody is going to listen to the above 66%, since its 5 years to the next election.. resign and accept whatever is thrown at us.. go read their financial reports, http://www.sbstransit.com.sg/generalinfo/financial.aspx, making money still want to raise fares.. sad case for all singaporeans.. no.. not all.. only those who take public transport..


u noe who said...

perhaps u would like to post this qn to a minister. 26 August 2006 (Saturday), at 2.30pm, at Room 701, 7th Floor, in NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard (Near to Lau Pa Sat & Raffle Place MRT Station).

got a pap activity on the above date. introductory talk for those interested to join them. but got discussion panel....u can raise qn if u wan to

rusty said...

tats cool.. are you going? do i have to register to go?


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