Sunday, July 30, 2006

As I was rushin out for piano class this mornin, smth on the dining table caught my eye. Me! I saw my photo on Lifestyle! What the hell was I doing there?! I picked up the papers and saw that it wasnt me. But she really really really looks like me.
Here she is: the one on the left

So since the papers were in my hands, I decided to read the article on bloggers. I didnt like what I saw on the front page: There are an estimated 50 million blogs out there in cyberspace now, and every one of these bloggers has this aim: Read me. I want to be famous. BULLSHIT with a capital B and a capital U and a capital L and ya, u get the idea. I blog as a form of diary and so that my friends know whats happening to me. The school of thought that blogs are an extension to ones ego is plain crap. At least for me. Not for some others though. Some who blog like they know everything or boast about their happening lives and their materialistic lifestyles. The worse ones are those who have nothing to blog about and start rebutting other pples blogs!

Later on in the eve, mummy came into my room with TSTs Lifestyle and asked if that girl was me! Haha

Thads birthday and Ians housewarming last night. Combined party! We got Thad DKNYs Delicious and Ian a voucher. Happy belated birthday Thad! And Happy house warming Ian! I love your dogs!

I rave and rant about anything that pleases me!

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