Thursday, July 13, 2006

10 things I will NOT miss about you:

1 Laughing about everything with you
2 Laughing about nothing with you
3 Studying with you
4 Bitching around with you
5 Bitching to you
6 Your randomness (quote: you)
7 Your craziness crankiness and weirdness
8 Your beyond hope pronunciation
9 You calling me an i-want-smth-fr-u-tone
10 Talking about nothing, nothing at all

The only thing I will miss is telling you I do not miss all of those when in fact, I really really do.

I had what seemed like the longest ride home from the airport.
Take care. My childhood companion, my studying buddy, my all time ally, my confidante, my cousin, my friend, my sister.
I never thought I'd cry so sore. Its hard not having you around. Someone who knows when I want pepper in my soup. Someone who can finish my sentences for me. Someone who knows me even better than myself. Come back real soon. In the meantime, Ill just hang in there and try my best to stay strong, like you said.

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