Friday, June 02, 2006

My brother has a Zen Micro that stopped functioning properly after warranty period ended. You offered a replacement, even though the warranty was over. I was impressed by the gesture, and went around singing praises of Creative. Some of my friends were sceptical, they told me that the replacement Zen is surely not new, and it could just be an assembly of useful parts of faulty Zen Micros. Some of my friends commented that Zen Micro itself has maunfacturing defects, which is why CR\reative is willing to replace so many of the spoilt machines. I brushed their remarks off, to give credit when its due, by saying that Creative is really sincerely in going all out to serve its customers as well as to win over market shares from Apple.

Within a month, the new Zen stopped functioning properly again. My brother brought it down to your service centre, the customer service officer who served him claimed that they will not replace the spoilt Zen Micro and there is no way to repair it. The only option is to pay $198 to get back exactly the same model. Oh come on, if it can spoil in less than a month, surely something is wrong with the machine that you have given as replacement. Is there any quality control? Is that the way you are treating your customers who once paid close to $500 for that product. I am not asking for a replacement. At the very least repair it. What do you mean by it cannot be repaired?

I hope to get an answer over this issue. If you, who are reading this mail cannot make any decision, then kindly forward it to whoever has the say. I hope do get a reply soon, if not i will forward the exact same letter to the newspaper and CASE to seek redress.


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