Sunday, May 14, 2006

yesterday was a busy day. settlers, dinner, ktv, followed by prata. im gettin FAT in hidden areas.
it was a creepy crawlee day. first there were swarms of flies attackin us and our food durin dinner. then we spotted a centipede in the ktv room. gross to the max.

anyway, jus now max got angry and cried. i think she was hurt cuz kim posted in my blog that she's fr chennai. but i deleted that part alredi anyways. poor gal, we love u max! anyway pls do go read her blog cuz it will realli make u smile to yourself. here's it:
max's blog

sorry for making u wait 1.5 hrs. im glad u understood. that i have got monstrous students to conquer. -wide grin-

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Cher said...

hotchick is having so much ffffffuuuuunnnnnnn! i am jealous! everyone is having holidays.


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