Tuesday, May 16, 2006

im home! clients said they needed their conference room at 4 so we shifted to the pantry area. by 420, ee ling said we should jus go home. so ian called a cab n dropped us at our houses! i love my mentors!!!
the whole day was rather dull. if they dun hav things fer me to do they should jus leave me back at ms. at least i can lunch with the other interns. but den again, its more obvious when u slack. so there are trade offs in everythin i guess

i contemplated headin to the gym but my precious feet screamed NO! i've got to obey. so i'll jus go tk a good hot bath and read my doggie books. current book at hand: the dog who loved too much

good luck for your interview! remember i said by june u'd still be jobless?? pls prove me wrong

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