Sunday, April 02, 2006

sumptuous seafood dinner. largest chunk of crab flesh i'd ever eaten. for that, i didnt mind kim calling me a lucky bitch. all thanks to uncle yak's jaw-locking bonus.

cisco is one rich co. booked lido. food food food. got stabbed a thousand and one times by ryan's balloon sword. missed the body painting. discovered my dad had 4 other daughters. met 2 of dem. silly movie.

i look forward to my very first its-worth-the-time-to-read entry. maybe smth like yours. smth to stimulate brain cells and start one thinkin. i mean, who bothers reading to know what i did, where i went, what i ate and all the other nitty quitty (however u spell it) details in my life?! im not a bimbo and im not a star. im not that rich nor am i that smart. and so........*drum rolls*........... im goin to stop posting about my everyday life and start posting some kick-ass quality journals!

by the way, seet asked if we should apply for a room next sem. well, i dont mind, but we have a grand total of ZERO points.

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