Sunday, April 02, 2006

So-and-so won a gold medal for shooting in the Commonwealth Games. He is a army regular, having picked up the sports only 2 yrs back. In his winning speech to the media, he thanked his officer in command for allowing him to train full time from monday to friday, meaning he din have to go for work for months before his competition. He claimed that without his support he would never have won a gold medal in the Games. Do note that the medal comes with $100 000 cold hard cash from the government as reward.

Being a civil servant, his salary comes from tax payers. Maybe he should thank the tax payers for paying him wages even when he wasnt present at work for a few months. I can understand that he need training before the competition, and he is flying Singapore flag in the competitor so he should train hard to be in tip top condition. But how many can be as lucky as him, to be able to pursue a personal dream and yet still getting paid even when hes not doing work?

Maybe he should be given no-pay leave instead. Now that he recieve $100 000 for his effort, maybe the government can take a portion back as compensation for his absence from work for a few months.

I'm really sick of our resources going to waste.. cannot help it but to comment on this issue. Yes I'm proud of you for winning Gold. And i believe you will do well in your career because now you are being considered a priceless asset to the army, because you are probably the only regular in the army who can boast of a Commonwealth Gold Medal. But do come out and thank the tax payers for being so tolerant.

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