Thursday, January 21, 2010

a walk down pasir ris park

hi guys! its been a long time since i blogged and i'm sure i've been missed! anyway i dun feel like writing too much. the photos will paint a thousand words for me (about how shag i am during the excursion...)

i was so happy to be going out for a walk initially! so exciting!

then i started to get tired (you can tell by the amount of tongue i am showing..)

when i felt like giving up on running the marathon, i just stopped.

hahaha and it worked! they had to bring me to a shelter for a break.

sitting down wasn't going to do for me.

they also gave up and brought me back to the car for the journey back home.

opps.. i'm so sorry. i promise to build up my stamina so that i can go for longer walks!

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