Sunday, October 04, 2009

Haven't blogged in a while. Been trying to adapt to my new work environment as well as my new sleeping patterns. As regular as they've become, my mind has been generating ideas in the opposite direction. I wana rear a puppy, acquire a new hobby, and decorate my room!
Dropped by Daiso and picked up 2 sheets of "bimbo paper" as my dt friends would have called them. Pink leopard prints for my accessories corner..and purple flowers for my bedside table. Watermelon juice, courteousy of rayray!
As random as this might seem, don't deny, we all love looking at pretty things!
**Mental note: Pork cordon bleu at FooHouse is fanfreakintastic!


jL said...

having a puppy is a marvellous idea..

now i know.. bimbos do have some brillant tots once in a while..


faster go get one..

i wanna go ur house and see ur bimbo room!

watermelon carrier cum cutter cum blender said...

wonder where did that watermelon juice come from...

Cher said...

i see us on ur accessories corner :)

Anonymous said...

FOO HOUSE! The one where our yummy dinner could have been! You should go during lunch, the set lunch with the lamb is awesome! bye bimbo

racHiNthEmorniN said...

jL, i wana get a shihtzu and name it doughnut. what u think eh?

Cher, we all look so different back then, nostalgic sia..

Ms.Anonymous, let's go eat thai table the next time. my treat!

and "watermelon carrier cum cutter cum blender", i acknowledged u in the post. Open your eyes!

ah bu said...

donut sounds nicer than doughnut hahaha!

count me in for thai table.

i opened but my eye lashes too long and eyes too small. paiseh hor.


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