Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Misconception about the place i live in

i've been living in punggol for 5 and a half years now. lemme share with you wat people have to say abt this estate:

"so ulu so far"
"niao bu shen dan de di fang"
"is there any coffeeshop there??"
"i go punggol i need GPS"

earlier days i had this tendency to correct these ignorant ppl. now i jus smile and nod. i am not responsible in educating them am i? and deep down inside i hope people continue to think tat punggol is ulu so i can enjoy the peace and quiet which cannot be found in many estates in singapore.

but then, looking at the current high demand for new flats in punggol (new bto over-subscribed by 7 times!), seems like singaporeans are getting smarter with regards to knowledge on punggol. no harm in me spilling the beans by listing out why i love living in punggol.

people like to give me the pathetic look, as if i am damn sway to be staying in the punggol estate. to be frank i also pity people staying in bedok and tampines cuz these places are crowded, the flats are old, and is truly multi-racial-ized. but this is not my point. birds live in nests, pigs live in pigsties, horses in the barn - all of them are happy with their homes; and they are pitying the others. this is a point driven across to me by rachel neo; that many only see the good points of staying in their estate and if u let them choose, they will continue staying in the same area.

it is true but only to a certain extent. cuz people staying in punggol moved here from elsewhere. and if u go ask the punggol-ians (there is a punggol forum), most of them are loving it here. and i dun see any reason why they shouldn be.

the nel brings us to town in 20 mins (that's equivalent to taking train from tana merah to town - so do we say tat simei and tampines is more ulu?)

maybe becuz we dun fancy having a shopping centres too near our homes, cuz of e crowd and noise. no sour grapes here, i promise. becuz there are plans to build a shopping centre here in the near future and many punggol-ians are dreading it. when we need to shop, compasspoint is 5 minutes away; tampines ikea, courts, and giant 10 mins away; tampines mall 15 mins away. 15 mins bus ride to tampines, how ulu is punggol really?

with the circle lines, things are getting more exciting; i can reach paya lebar and bishan in 15 mins. i will give an update on time needed to get to buona vista when the rest of the circle line opens if you so wish.

if you do drive, then punggol is even more convenient. there is direct access to tpe and sle. kpe is one exit down (kpe brings me to town in 15 mins). cte is 2 exits up. and obviously kpe links u to pie. at times when i drive to school, it takes me only 35 minutes as there is hardly any jams (not even during peak hours) when you take the sle, bke, kje. i've taken rides from my friends before, who travels on ecp and pie, we needed close to an hour to get to bedok, or serangoon, during peak hours. and thats only bedok, not tampines. i've been telling rachel neo that kpe is my favourite expressway in singapore. i used to need half an hour to get to east coast park, now i need only half that time.

of cuz there are undisputablely fantastic neighborhoods, but most of these are hardly within our reach. my point here isnt that punggol is the best place to live in singapore. but rather, punggol is not the worst like many make it out to be.

hand to heart, the transquility that this place provides is what i value most. even 5 years ago when there isn't nel, no kpe, nothing, i have already fallen in love with the place.

where the heart cherish, there it's home will be...

and to those ignorants of the land, i rest my case.

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Rach said...

Although we seldom see eye to eye, I have to agree on this!


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