Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Waiting for the bus to New York..I know i look like some ah-lian squating by the mrt..
Rayray, very proud of being a successful buyer of the US$1 Boston-NY bus ticket.
Our very first meal in New York City - $5 Cai Fan!!!!
And then it rained. I am absolutely certain its the cai fan which turned things topsy turvy.
The rain stopped. Its a blessing in disguise as there was no queue for the empire state building! MG! I like NY. Although the other GIP peeps dislike NY for its overcrowded, rudely-mannered city, I like city life. Suits me better. I am happy to see a mac and a starbucks at every other corner. I like to see brightly lit roads bustling with cars and pedestrians at night.
Off to lala land!


jL said...

thanks neor..
i m ok more or less.. so no worries..

hows niagara?! visited?!

Rach said...

hahaha "neor"???
ok glad u feel better. lookin forward to our BBQ!!!

Not intendin to visit niagara leh.. so far..

jL said...

so fast n u r coming back le!
or are u already back?!

u nv visit?! so nice there leh!! u WILL regret! hahaha..



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