Thursday, February 05, 2009

Im fuming mad. I need to share this article by copying and pasting it here (source: ST Feb 4)

The Straits Times
Feb 4, 2009
Budget 2009 Debate
Reconsider 5-day week?
By Jeremy Au Yong

MORE free time did not result in more babies, so people should go back to work on Saturdays.

Nominated MP Loo Choon Yong on Tuesday threw up the most provocative suggestion during the Budget debate when he questioned the benefits of the five-day work week.

Speaking on the second day of the debate on the Budget Statement, he said the move to a shorter work week by the public sector and then the private sectors in in 2004 could have eroded the Singaporean's work ethic, while not improving the fertility rate in any meaningful way.

The number of live births only inched up to 39,490 in 2007 from 37,485 in 2003.

'We should accept that as a people our procreation talent is not our forte - nothing to crow about,' he said.

'I urge the Government to take steps to determine whether our productivity and competitiveness have been affected by the five-day week and to review the policy, if necessary,' he added.

Dr Loo had unleashed this stunner as he voiced concerns over what he called the 'all life and very little work' attitude of the younger generation.

He pointed to Straits Times reports on how to maximise leave by taking advantage of public holidays that fall near weekends as an indication of an erosion of the work ethics.

'I have nothing against our young Singaporeans having fun and partying. But I hope they will work as hard as they play,' he said.

I have always been against unelected people sitting in parliament and this Dr Loo is proving my sentiment right that NMPs do not deserve a place in parliament.

So he thinks that having a five-day work week is only for making babies. Get a life la you loo. Its about work-life balance of working people too, in case you didn't know. Little wonder so many Singaporeans are running overseas for a better work and family life balance and also better childhood for their kids.

You old fashion loo. I din hear your voice during the mas escape and when the town council are investing in bonds. Then suddenly you decide to make some unnecessary noise. Isn't it bad timing that companies are into retrenchment and forcing employees to take no pay leave.

I am happy to note that the young people know how to enjoy life. Dun come give this bullshit about Sg has no natural resources blablabla and human capital is our only resource so we have to work twice as hard as others. Political ideology are, very simply, ideology. It is because of people like you who thinks that man's primary function is to work and work that many Singaporeans are not living life! I hope Marx haunt you to teach you about species-being, the true primary function of human beings.

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