Friday, February 20, 2009

Im blogging with this lil' baby of mine..its so tiny so im not used to it yet. The keypad is perfect to type with and im really happy with my impulse buy, once again. The only thing i dislike is that everything seems so horizontally stretched. That aside, the function i love best would have to be the instant mode - play music, videos or surf the net without launching the window OS. (U dont need to wait for the freakin start up!) The main purpose is of course, to bring to the states!! yay!

Speaking of that, I have finally bought a return ticket to seattle at 1.6K only! Thanks to someone who sold me a portion of his 300,000 krisflyer miles. The few hundred bucks i saved can be splurged on 20 more OPI nail polishes, 15 more sephora brushes and 10 more victoria secrets lingerie.

9am breakfast tmr. We all know how we love the snooze option when our alarm rings. zzZZzZz

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