Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breakfast was meant to celebrate yy's birthday but she overslept! So we continued anyway..Cass shared with us how she got together with her latest squeeze while we sipped coffee and enjoyed the oldies played by HMV..sigh. if only we could do this everyday..
Then it was karaoke at bugis for 6 freaking hours. I am dead beat.

I really think i should have joined mediacorp at that opportunity. Why put my acting talents to waste? Anyway... Bought maxine's present today but accidentaly snipped it off while wrapping it. what!?!?!?! i am at a total loss. Never have i felt more bimbotic than what i know i really am. Sian right..


raymond said...

what mediacorp? go hollywood and act la. i'm going down in a month's time. i will go check if there's vacancy k? you can act in king kong 2 as king kong's grand-daughter.

Rach said...

oei...must like that or not?? =p
u go act as king kong la


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