Sunday, January 04, 2009

we rent a car to the factory outlet today! i was e designated driver becuz im the oldest n most experience. the rental shop gave us a chilli red camry, so sassy!

left hand drive was so challenging but so fun! damn exciting!

and the stuff at factory outlet are sooooooo cheap!!!!! 50% off for kate spade (mind you the original prices has already been marked down and original prices is like 100% lesser than what u get in Sg)! 50%+20%+10% for Coach bags!!! its absolutely crazy. i bought a fossil watch for like 24 usd??? madness man!

and i hope these stuff i bought can make u feel better!

hope u'll be here in june and we can shop together!! seriously, after seeing how cheap stuff are at the factory outlet, you won't feel like shopping in Singapore anymore.


Rach said...

OMFG. Thank you!! I just wana fly there right NOW. I miss u so bad.

RAved said...

u better like them know. if not i will sell them away! haha. joking la. those stuff will be waiting for your arrival. then we can go get even more stuff! maybe we can try to visit factory outlets of different states!


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