Saturday, January 31, 2009

the singaporeans employees at microsoft invited all of us ntu people in u-dub to their chinese new year party. it was a really nice gesture (they even chartered shuttle to pick us from the terminal, and i heard they do this for ntu peeps at u-dub every year), and we got to visit the microsoft compound!

i was surprised to learn that there are almost 100 singaporeans working at microsoft.

finally i get to eat local food; we had satay, prata and sambal fish etc etc! soooo good after so long without local food!

and we mingled and chat. it seems like many singaporeans are working in the States for the sake of their kids; they want their children to have a proper childhood, something that cannot be fulfilled in singapore, in their opinion.

they were encouraging us to experience working overseas, as they felt that work-life balance in singapore really sux. i think i have to agree after listening to snippets of their working life in seattle.

unfortunately, i've a bond to fulfill.

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