Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Shout Out

A BIG Thank You.

For those who have showed concern to me one way or another, thank you.

Kim: Thank you for trying to ask me out. Thanks for doing mani/pedi with me. It really helped me take my mind off the things I don't wana think of.

8-yi: Thanks for the hug. I really needed it back then.

YL: Thanks for all the pacifying words and optimistic ideas you've planted in my head.

PF: Thanks for consoling me every now and then.

QW & N: Thanks for the kind, empathetic words.

Cher: Thanks for your concern, even if it was purely asking.

Every little thing that you guys did, I am aware and I appreciate all of it.

For those who have been too self-absorbed in their less-than-perfect little lives that they don't even bother to offer a simple word of concern to an old friend, I totally understand.


raymond said...

oh man what have i put you through..

come over in june and i will ensure tat we will have a good time touring together.

and a big thank you too all these people who showed care and concern for my dearest. really appreciate it.

Cher said...



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