Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just came back from Portland! Has been close to a month since I last walked in sunshine.

Amazing structure!

Pioneer Square...

And there was a organized protest taking place! Against Obama's leaning towards pro-choice and hence pro-abortion. Its amazing how they are protesting even before his inauguration!

Me experiencing what it feels like to live in a real democracy...

Shopping in Portland is tax free! But i only bought a pair of nike sneakers and levis jeans and...

Both books for like 17usd. What a bargain. The philosophy book is so thick that i think i need five years to finish it.

Sorry babe, i din get anything for you this time round cuz i dunno whats suitable. We will see if we can plan a trip to Portland when you arrive!


Rach said...

Hahahaha stop abortion?!???

Raymond said...

hahaha. ya, nice right? i dun agree with it la but its a chance for me to be part of a protest (how many singaporeans know that protests can actually be peaceful?) and i cannot afford to ignore it.

so whatever the cause la i just anyhow support.


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