Friday, October 03, 2008

We loved every bit of the Gold class seats. It was so suitable for a Mamamia type of show where u just sit back and laugh and soak in the dancing singing kinda mood. I could waive my feet high up around to the beats of Dancing Queen and nobody would care. Dinner at Trader's before that. I love it that you really know how to pamper me.


breaded almond said...

no prob. its for 63th month celebrations ma.

and the total cost that night was only about 30% of my monthly scholarship allowance.

Er.. 30% of monthly like quite a lot hor, esp spent in a night alone.. Don't worry la.. I can eat bread for every other meal until Nov.

JaCqUee_eeN said...

Hey babe! I'm leavin for BKK next Weekend! I'll bring back some dresses and Bags this time for you girls =))

JaCqUee_eeN said...

We'll meet up prolly the Next (next) weekend when I'm back =) Diarize pls =))

Cher said...

raccccccccch! ur hair grow so fast!

hope everything is good or getting better on ur side!


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