Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some randomly compiled photos of the agm par-tay. Hang on gals, im gona upload it to my shutterfly and send the link to ya all.

Our computer hard disk is gona be completely wiped for reloading to the Vista OS so im gona have to delete all my music and photos and wadevea rubbish i've accumulated over the past year. You know how u can accumulate all sorts of junk witout realising it? Like i've got a snap shot of my Ranch Rush game with the cheese machine and the ostrich thingy as well as a snap shot of Insanaquarium with the glutton alien. Well if you play these games you'll know what im talking about. But anyhow, back to the topic of clearing our hard disk before the migration, what would I do without last month's techy impulse buy?? 250GB portable hard drive. Now you see why impulse buys are usually the best buys?

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