Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caffeine overload! i can't get to sleep and "leave you alone" is replaying itself in my uncontrollable brain. Just look at when my last entry was, how else will i have the time to blog? Im not the online typa gal. Which is why u RARELY see me on msn, which is why i do NOT have facebook and which is why i forgot my skype account details. (and i don't care about sentence structure or punctuations). Shoot me and tell me to get a life. But seriously, who's the one cooped at home all night in web-mania?? Who's the one without a life?

I..... have a good mind to gulp down half a bottle of Dhasedyl syrup and say goodnite to Mr. Moon.

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melamine-d almond said...

hahaha! nice one man.

i'm not one of those who 'cooped at home all night in web-mania' la. if i had a choice, i wouldn had started facebook.

but u need to get on msn more often and get back ya skype account come next jan when i go to seattle...


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