Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I wrote in to HDB to convert all parking lots at my house’s basement car park to red ones, as I have problem finding lots whenever I reach home after midnight.

They took 2 weeks to reply me, and to reject my request. I followed up with a reply to rebute their explanation and did not get a reply for another 2 weeks.

I then decided to write in to my MP. I did that on Sunday, and guess what? All lots were painted red today (Tuesday)!!!

How efficient man. 2 weeks to reject but only less than 3 days to accede to my request!

Honestly I dunno if I should feel happy or sad. I’m going to be a civil servant myself, and I will remind myself that my decisions have to be in the interest of the people I’m serving first. The fact that these HDB people reacted only after they get a letter from the MP is so unsatisfying.

But at least I know MP does help and is pretty useful.

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