Saturday, July 19, 2008

Down to the last 2 days of my leave before i begin work on monday. Back to sweet ol' PCI team, who surprised xw and i with 2 bdae cakes on the last day of our interims.
This time without Gary, the enthusiastic intern whom we enjoyed teasing and bullying. Just checked my email for the 1st time after the KL trip and saw Gary's email, thanking us individually for his wonderful experience in DT. Glad to hear u wana come back after you graduate!

KL was.. sigh.. i got nothin to say bout it except that i watched all the Hannah Montana epis on the way there. Sometimes many things are not up to us. We do the best we can and if things still go wrong, despite our very best efforts, what can i say, heck it.

Nonetheless, we tried to make the best out of what we could.

Fish spa and new nails makes me a happy gal..

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