Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i'm one of those who fishes for schoalrships for the sake of prestige and accelerated career path. if anybody would have offered me a scholarship, I knew I would sign without hesitation.

4 years is a long time, i know. the scholarship is not the most prestigious, i know. it is only 50k, i know.

but how many ppl in my position can resist the temptation to accept the offer.

my parents are proud and delighted, my girlfriend is happy (even though she knows i am never going to go into the financial sector where all the gold is)

frankly speaking, at this moment, i cannot see myself working for the bottomline of a private enterprise. i want my work to benefit the larger society, only civil service can give me such satisfaction. of course i cannot change the world, but if my work can help and benefit a single soul, i am happy enough.

of cuz, such public service motivation may change, or even disappear, later in life, i am fully aware of that. (so dun call me a hypocrite if i ever decide to move to the private sector)

but now im happy. i have always wanted my first job to be in the civil service and now that they are paying for my school fees and expenses, wat else can i ask for?

i am planning for a 6-month exchange next jan at the university of washington, which will work out to be ard 12k, fully paid for by my sponsor.

ive always thought that signing on the dotted line would be the end of the seeking scholarship process. i cant be more wrong.

the hr person told me. "actually second upper is good enough, but our scholars usually come back with a first class".

talk about pressure. i hope i can maintain it, if not, dun be surprised if they decide to take it away from me.

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