Monday, June 23, 2008

my mother started working for her father since she was a young girl.

from a shop to a wholesaler, now dealing with import and export.

her brother took over the business abt a decade ago.

currently her sister-in-law suddenly took an interest in 'expanding' the business and started hiring her entire extended malaysian family. theft are common, but she wouldn sack her own kind.

she then decided to get rid of the original owners of the business. worse thing is my mum's brother keeps his mouth shut while the revolution is taking place.

my parents were forced out, yes they chose to leave themselves, but conditions very much forced them to do so.

now my mother is seeking new employment.

if any of you have any lobang for any job, for a 48 year old woman, which doesn require usage of english at all, pls contact me. salary amt is not an issue.


ek said...

k i will help u look ard.
Why don't suggest to ur parents to sell food? Since ur dad can cook pretty good

Raymond said...

many ppl also suggested, but it is really a very tedious and tiring thing to do, considering their age and my dad's health.

and it seems like my dad does not have the entrepreneur spirit in him anymore, saying that working for others is better than running own business.

shes looking for a job that can pass time with some income for allowance.


ek said...

icic...thats a pity if the spirit is gone..but alright..i take note for u any opportunity


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