Sunday, August 05, 2007

I have been hoping to receive this letter since June. I thought all was gone.

It arrived two months late, but I am still estatic.

I know it is going to be tough staying on that list, as much as I thought it would be impossible for me to appear on that list.

I have to thank you.

You, one of the decisive factor that I have chosen to go to NTU.

You, who orientated me to administrative aspects of uni education, which gave me an advantage over my peers. When i know the system so well, I could fully concentrate on academics.

You, who boldly claimed at the start of the last academic year that you believed I could get on that list come end of year, when I have a modest aim of achieving second-upper.

Which is why I want to continue to do well, because of you...


Cher said...

So sweet laaaaaaaaaaaa!


rach said...

thanks dear. i know you can do it again. You have made me so proud. always behind ya~

chris said...



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