Tuesday, June 05, 2007

When the germans left on 3th june evening, i felt a sense of emptiness on that night. the five days spent with them was not as smooth sailing as i had hoped, but the imperfection makes it even more memorable.

the tasks were extremely challenging. never before was i given such great responsibilities, and i think i will only grade myself with a B. there was once when the bus was 20 mins late and the choir members hopped into cabs to head back to hotel. moderator was late for rehearsal. miscommunication with the manageress were aplenty. german lady wanna buy mango at the last min before boarding the flight. german guy who bought a samurai sword for $800 had problem checking in at airport, and was only cleared half an hour before his flight took off. it was as if i have to take responsibility for all these issues, whether or not i have control over the eventual outcome.

many credits that i've accumulated throughout the five days are undermined with any single mistakes that i've committed. there were tension and conflicts with many people, production manager and the chorus manageress esp, but i have met many real personalities who do not wear masks while performing their daily duties.

Stefan Goppner, the stage manager of the Chorus, and the nicest guy of the group, mentioned that many artists do not appreciate what people do for them, and they always expect to receive and not give in return. how true...

der Abschied, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks

and i look forward to my next group, Taraf, from Romania.

ps. thanks rach for doing up the blog!

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