Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Max's sudden urge for cheesecake got us bustled to starbucks for quiche, cheesecakes and lotsa caffeine. boy am i gona sleep tonight

So i thought i'd blog abit about last night. We went to jalan besar stadium for rovers vs young lions. Amazingly managed to find free parking at that time. Legal one okay.. Were prepared to attempt to smoke our way through as students with our matric cards but were pleasantly surprised by free admission!! It only got better when we each got complementary KoKo Krunch. You should have seen the delight on my face when i found out we had free popcorn as well!!

Overwhelmed by cheapo-ness, i thought i would indulge in some mild flirting. (ya i know, no link) Carefully picked a tiny, pale-looking popcorn from the styrofoam cup in my hand and threw it at rayray. (sigh. the hungry african kids right)

Was anticipating that he would throw it back at me or tickle me or something. (typical flirt movements)
He ATE it

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