Monday, June 04, 2007

GSS spree with aud on friday!~! After we met pinky and roofie for dinner, we headed for Loof cuz pinky said he didnt wanna dance and roofie was whining bout her new heels. When we were told that the lift had broken down, we got a priceless incredulous look from roofie! Well, we didnt have a choice did we? Reluctantly took that never ending flight of narrow spiral stairs. Just when we thought we were at the 3rd floor, NO! we were at level one and a half.

Aud and I were pretty gian to dance. So after some raunchy chocolate martini and DIY redbull vodka, Pinky dropped us off at MOS.

While aud and I were having the time of our lives on the dance floor, an ah-pek was chatting roofie up. When we got back to our seats, the ah-pek told me,

“wah u 2 velly good hor, leave your flend alone here with 2 chao ang mohs. I try to rescue her but the ang moh say escuse me this is my gerflend.”

The most ridiculous thing was that his wife was right there merely a metre away. Occasionally, he would come up to us and say stuff like,

“My wife say I tonight can be naughty boy but tomollow cannot.”


Poor roofie had cramps and had to go home.
Aud and I danced the night away!

prep talk by taxi driver :

1. get a gadget for testing the sound decibel in the club and lodge a complain if it exceeds the legal limit. URGH ya. So much for complaining about st james' deafening speakers.

2. Don't stand so near the speakers or you may tear the ear drum membrane thingy wadeva.

3. You cannot take alcohol because you reek of alcohol. Therefore don't take alcohol. Ahar, ya.

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