Friday, May 18, 2007

Asean Charter? Is it necessary? Will it benefit anybody at all? Or will it create conflict when member nations choose not to comply with the Charter over certain issues?

Countries in the South East Asian region are too diversed in nature, in terms of language, culture, political system, economy and education. So should the charter be translated into 10 different languages?

Signing the Charter would make the world sit up and think that we are serious about combining power man. But I say, no point signing something that you will have difficulty complying with. Even the European Constitution hasn't been signed because not every member can agree to the terms on it. Which is a good thing I feel, implying that they take the Constitution seriously, making sure that terms and conditions are not in conflict with their own interests. The Asean Charter has not been drafted, or maybe just have not been released to the media, and the leaders are saying that the signing will take place as early as next week.

I dunno about you, but I cant see Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian identifying with each other as the same. It is obvious why Singapore is so eager to have this 'Asean Spirit'. We need them to sustain.

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