Sunday, March 18, 2007

im a photo thief. i steal photos from people's blog.
check out what jac did for us.. so sweet right..this pinkie one is mine because i supposedly like pink. not that i do now but thats her impression of me anyway.. and according to a "tai tai" and a "shu nu"!!! omigod! a shu nu?!?!

though daddy's not ard, theres someone here to constantly remind me to "come home early" and not to "drink and drive". haha my parents don't even bother.

kenow's surprise party didnt really turn out as much of a surprise. but max and i did him an ugly but huge card which we were pretty proud of.

and here's something totally out of point. this is my new room with a pink feature wall

dinner at Shashlik was followed by dinner at hot stones the next day. my aunt told me that having my steak medium well was spoiling the meat. really meh? but i really do NOT like eating a bloody cow.

hot stones: ken combating his T-bone:

Someone pls tell me that dining out 2 consecutive nights with meals consisting only of meat and potatoes does not give me FATS.

I realised that ive not been keeping up with school work. damn it.

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