Thursday, December 28, 2006

Minnie's bachelorette's night at st james. DO NOT ever mention the bush scene again.

Christmas party was a blast. As usual, I was the most secretive secret santa and Ivan had absolutely no clue. We played the most intricate game that was designed by our creative host, Ruth. (who else can come up with something like that)

Hi people, choose a box. ah-huh..

Finally, after 2 hours, the winner emerged. And the winner is..-drum rolls-.. mua!
Yay! With a total of 17 points, I was awarded the ultimate prize - a hamper of goodies! ya, you should have seen the smug look on my face.

With that, I am officially The One who understands the cousins the most!

Everyone had their share of presents. I received:
Bebe pants
Gap and Mng tops
Big white bag with leopard prints on the inside

I love all my gifts. Thank you all, you know who you are. I feel really blessed and am very thankful for You and my BIG generous family!
Soaked in the spirit of giving, I opened the hamper and shared my goodies with the others!!

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