Friday, December 01, 2006

Ernst&Young interview yesterday. KPMG's interview this morning. rayray was so nice to come all the way to tanah merah to fetch me for my interview this morning! Just so that i wouldn't need to get sweaty and squeeze with the morning crowd. awww...

EY called around 10 last night and KP called a couple of hours ago. Stupid EY made me wait by my cell the whole night. Anyhow, i got job offers!!! yay! Congratulate me!

Am thus in a dilemma. MS has got its plus as a mid-tier firm. Lotsa overseas jobs and probably a better chance to prove myself. I enjoyed my attachment there and it has the best location~ (spoilt for choices of goody food in the building and its just a 3 min walk from the mrt) As for EY and KP, well, its all in a name.

Deloitte interview on Monday. Meetin up with the girls after that to plan next sem’s timetable. I’ve been so busy after exams that I haven’t had time for myself. Ok going for dinner! The end.

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