Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just came back from supper with daddy and mummy. i was so tired initially and was just intending to gobble up some lemon biscuits before heading straight to bed. (totally disregarding the fact that eating at night plus sleeping right after that gives you CELLULITE)
but thinking that this would be my last night having supper with daddy before he leaves for dubai tmr night, i immediately agreed when he asked if i wanted to go out fer supper

yes, he's leaving tmr night. i cant imagine not having daddy around for 2 years. maybe even more. and adding on to my wretchedness, mummy told me just now that she'd most likely be joining him in January. ok. its ok. im fine. everybody! just leave me here in singapore!


beggar said...

dun worry.. coincides with you entering the workforce to be a full fledged accountant.. ms accountant, socio beggar will still be around.. better than nothing right..

Cher said...

Ehhhh u still have got ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to do random supper with ;)

Roofie said...

U r more than welcome to bunk in with me and be my princess's full-time playmate & piano teacher. She'll be more than delighted to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with her Rachel Ee


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