Friday, October 20, 2006

back from networking night with sore feet and aching arms. though we dragged ourselves to the bustop, we flagged down a cab instead. it was too unbearable to carry 4 goodie packs, a big leather bag and a blazer. plus, our legs were screaming for help! the ride from boon lay to tanah merah was the worst taxi ride i had ever taken. i almost puked

we spoke to peeps fr all the big4s..the ernst&young girl kept talkin nonstop.the giggly PWC girls expressed that they were so glad they were in PWC.the deloitte manager was very gentlemanly and the kpmg partner was, erm, ok la..

the deloitte manager right, helped to pick up my badge when i dropped it and even bothered to close the pin before returning it to me. then he helped us to take plates and utencils. actually i duno if he is a manager but all of us liked him!

i ate so little today that i actually feel skinny at night

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