Monday, October 16, 2006


First, i was a skeleton who found my arm stuck through my skull.
Then, i woke up and saw in the mirror that my front tooth was not there. And as if thats not enough, Ms Copycat left a memo to remind me how careless i was in knocking out that tooth.

you cannot imagine the relieve i felt when smses from leader and peifang woke me up and i realised that my entire set of teeth was still there

I love doing 205 projects.
Then it was kbox before concluding our project at coffee bean.

Leader and ZZ gettin all emotional:
SuperSinger Chialin and me. seriously CL, i think its such a waste you cant join superstar cause you're a msian. dont worry, i promise i will bring you to all the hot shopping spots in singaporeAlthough we hurl verbal insults at each other, chat non-stop in class and sian our way through the tutorial hand-ins, its my fun-nest grp ever in sch

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