Sunday, September 03, 2006

We decided to pop by the sand sculpture thingy at ecp since we were there. It turned out to be, well, not exactly magnificent.

It was nearly impossible to get a parking lot so we just left the car at some spot by the curb and rushed to see what the sand fuss was all about! Of course we were considerate enough to make sure that we werent gonna block any vehicles.

There was this Benz parked in front of us with some bodyguards standing around, who by the way, looked like zouk bouncers. I was thus expecting to see some dua bai around but apart from some extensive sand castles, there was no big shot in sight.

Im usually a much better photographer but due to the lack of time and the awkwardness of taking pictures with my inferior 1.3 mega pixel camera phone, this was all I took:

Upon getting into the car, guess who did we see? Mr Goh Chok Tong coming back after a run.. With 2 bodyguards in running attire whom I guess had to run with him. Not much privacy eh? Thats why I always say, its better to stay simple and unknown.

Did I mention that I tore one of my coloured lenses?!!?! Ive only worn them TWICE! How to wear one side only?? Ok let me go blubber now


Cher said...

Where's this place?

I am ok la sweetie... thanks =))

JaCqUee_eeN said...

Hi hi babe! Yr hello kitty phone is the same as mine!! But mine's a goner now!

By the way, You are always having hello kitty phones huh? I rememebered tat yr old phone was very cute too!

SacchaRach said...

yeshh cutie phones are just sooo cute rite?? we have the same taste! anyway my prev hello kitty phone is better in terms of function but its a goner too..lookin forward to ya party!

SacchaRach said...

CheR, this is ecp EastCoastPark, one of ma fav hangouts! anyway, glad u're feelin better~cya on sun!


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