Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dim sum at geylang today..when the waitress asked what drinks we wanted, i ordered xian cao (grass jelly). but u know what i said? i said qing cao (green grass!) what can be more embarrassing!?!?!

anyway, i was having a conversation with this friend of mine the other day and she asked me what do me and my bf usually do? so i told her some of the usual stuff like watchin movies, playin pool and going kbox..until the part about us studying together, she GASPED and said what?! you study together? like as though its some weird thing? uh.. then she told me about how her bf can only study at home

digress abit..
no offence but i regard people who claim they can only study at home or in the library as those who CANNOT multitask. obviously they need peace and silence and wadever. so they cannot sip coffee or eat a cheesecake while studyin. BORINGggGgGGg

ya and then, i suddenly remembered that some of my pals dig studying with their bfs. but one bf only wants to smoke and sleep, one has nothin to study and one tries to study but ends up sleeping. so im considered lucky!

So although i cant ask him anything about accounting policies, financial reporting standards or risk controls, and i do not know anything about Alienation, McDonaldisation and Marxism, BUT we help each other whenever we can. in fact, im glad we are not in the same course so theres no competition

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