Monday, August 28, 2006

i got my very first teachers day gifts today! an air plant in a pretty lil basket and a huge box of KIT-KATs!

KTVed with relatives last nite at this ulu place. Siglap CC!! I havent been there for ages! It wasnt like it used to be though. I remember the old one having this grading and commentary system. Apparently, the louder u sang, the higher your points. So pple like xiaoJiu and daJiu (who yum seng-ed the loudest at wedding dinners) usually get incredibly high points becuz they have enormous voice boxes. anyway there was this old ahbeng (who probably is the boss) who wore this red long-sleeved netted see-through top. urgh. Maybe its a different place altogether. Those were the days, long before kBox and PartyWorld, when we only had such shitty systems and had to manually scan through heaps of files for songs. But the place is rather spacious. And its so darn cheap

Heres someone, pretending to sing with loads of emotions:

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